Safer Recruitment

Safer Recruitment

A key way of protecting children and adults from harm is to ensure the careful recruitment and support of those working with them.The National Church of England Safeguarding Practice Guidance on Safer Recruitment sets out safer recruitment practices for people working or volunteering with children and adults.This document will be updated very soon and will include People Management aspects. The most important and legally binding aspect is the completion of the criminal record checks known as ‘Disclosure and Barring Service’ Checks (DBS).The Practice Guidance outlines who should undertake a criminal record check in accordance with their role. The guidance is available from any member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Team or via the Diocesan website or the Church of England website. We have also created a document covering what church roles are eligible for a DBS check (as not all are) and if they are, at what level of a check is required. This is available here.

You can obtain a DBS application pack, which contains full details to aid completion and where to return the forms to, from Rachel Arnold at the Hereford Office on 01432 373300/317 or email DBSAdmin@hereford.anglican.org

IMPORTANT: The old Hereford Cathedral DBS application packs are now invalid and should not be used.

Please complete all the forms in black ink, ensuring you answer all the questions succinctly and accurately. Please note, if the information you provide is not accurate or the form has not been completed correctly, there will be a delay in the DBS checking process, resulting in a delay for you to take up your new role / post.

As the Ludlow Office is in the process of closing, we will need to change our address with the Disclosure and Barring Service, to the Herford Office. The Disclosure and Barring Service will need to print new forms with the new address on. When this is done, we will notify you of this. (You will still be able to use the DBS forms with the Ludlow address detailed however, to save any confusion we will distribute new forms to you).

Once completed, take all the forms, together with the appropriate, original identification documents, to your local DBS Verifier / Parish Safeguarding Representative. Your parish priest and church wardens are also able to verify your documents.

The Application Form will be sent to the DBS where their checking process can take 6-8 weeks, this depends on various factors, including where you previously lived, how many moves you have had in the last five years, which Police Forces are undertaking the checks and what proof of identity you have provided.

Your DBS Certificate will be issued to you direct from the Disclosure and Baring Service, who are a separate organisation to us. We are not sent a copy by them. However, we must see your Certificate once you receive it. Therefore, It is your responsibility to send the original certificate to the Diocesan DBS Administrator, Rachel Arnold, The Diocesan Office, The Palace, Hereford, HR4 9BL, within two weeks of receipt. You will not be able to undertake the role / post for which you have applied until this has been processed and authorisation given by the Diocese. The original Certificate will be returned to you as soon as is possible.

Each parish must adhere strictly to the requirements of the Safer Recruitment Practice Guidance and must take full responsibility in obtaining a DBS Check for all relevant paid and volunteer workers within the church, PRIOR to them commencing their church roles and activities. This is a legal requirement and not optional.

Advice and Guidance regarding Safer Recruitment

Each parish will be different in terms of the activities it does, and hence it will have different requirements in terms of what it needs to do to adhere to safer recruitment principles. If you are unsure of what your parish is required to do, please get in touch with Mandy or Angela from the Diocesan Safeguarding Team who will be happy to advise.