There are 78 church schools and academies in the Diocese of Hereford, including 3 church secondary schools. Together these schools nurture and educate approximately 12,000 children and are central to the mission and ministry across the whole diocese. 

We are proud that our family of schools provide an education for life in all its fulness, where the Christian values of  wisdom, hope, community and dignity are lived out daily. Each school being a beacon of light in its community. 

The Diocesan Education Team works on behalf of the Diocese Board of Education, to provide an excellent support service and training for for governors, board members, school leaders and teachers. 

Please visit any of the pages above to find out more about our family of schools, what it means to be a church school, support and advice for those leading or teaching in schools and how you could support the church schools in your area. 

Links to the Church of England Education Policies and Documents

Church of England Vision for Education (2016) - Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good

Embracing Change: Rural & Small Schools (2018)

Valuing All God’s Children (2019 Revision)


Education Team eBulletin Training and Events

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