Appointments to Academy Boards

Academy Trusts

Academy Trusts are governed under Articles of Association and Supplemental Funding Agreements.

These documents set out how the trust or academy must operate and the governance arrangements:

Appointment of Directors appointed to Church of England Academy Trusts by the Diocese of Hereford

In accordance with each  academy’s own Articles of Association, the Diocese of Hereford will be responsible for appointing a number of directors to the academy’s board of directors/trustees.

For all appointments and reappointments of directors by the Diocese of Hereford Educational Trust (DHET) as Corporate Member of all Church of England Trusts ( Multi-Academy Trusts and Single Academy Trust boards) , an application must be submitted to the DHET board for approval prior to joining the academy’s board.

When appointing Academy Trust Directors schools please use this form.

Academy/MAT Director Appointment Form (DHET)


Deadlines for submission of completed forms

The completed appointment/reappointment form must be sent to the Education Team, to enable the DHET to consider and approve the appointment. The Board of DHET meets at least 3 times per year in addition to its AGM and there is no delegated authority.

Having a gap in a term of office or a vacancy on your academy’s board can be inconvenient and may cause difficulties that can easily be avoided. It is important therefore to ensure that applications are submitted in good time so that they can be processed and approved without leaving a gap. The following schedule of dates is intended to clarify the timescales within which paperwork needs to be submitted and completed (i.e. to include all authorising signatures).

DHET Meeting Date Papers Published Closing date for receipt of completed form To include all reappointments for terms of office ending prior to:
22nd October 2024 15th October 2024 9th October 2024 31st March 2025
13th March 2025 6th March 2025 28th February 2025 30th June 2025
10th June 2025 3rd June 2025 28th May 2025 31st October 2025
21st October 2025 14th October 2025 8th October 2025 31st March 2026

If you have any questions regarding the appointment of foundation directors to your academy’s board or the requirements for a foundation director, please contact the Diocesan Education Team and we will help you with the application process.

Appointments of Governors to Local Governing Board level for church schools in a Multi-Academy Trust in the Diocese of Hereford: 

These appointments are also made by the DHET and will follow an application process.  In the first instance please contact the Diocesan Education Team for all Foundation appointments to your local governing board, as detailed in your Multi-Academy Trust’s Articles of Association. 


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