Leadership Development

Leadership development is key to successful schools. The Education Team offer a range of courses throughout the year as part of the training schedule to help develop leaders within church schools. We can also find support from more experienced church school leaders from across our family of schools to support developing leaders.

NPQ Programmes with an emphasis on church school leadership

This year the CEFEL is partnering with church schools and diocese MATS across the country to provide the full range of NPQ programmes, with an emphasis on developing leadership in a church school setting. The Diocese of Hereford Multi-Academy Trust has been chosen as one of the providers within our region. To find out more and to apply for your place on one of the many NPQ programmes on offer please visit NPQ Programmes - Foundation For Educational Leadership (cefel.org.uk)

Support for Heads that are new to church schools 

As part of our Headteacher recruitment support, we also offer a course to support those heads who are new to leading in a church school. Further details can be found in our training schedule.

Early headship coaching offer 

The early headship coaching offer for new headteachers is a targeted package of support for Headteachers in their first two years of headship.

The support package is structured around 5 learning cycles which are completed across four full academic terms. After an initial Activate session to set personal learning goals, within each learning cycle Headteachers will access self led-learning, face to face peer support networks, and work in a small expert-led coaching group.

The focus throughout is on going deeper, applying further, and building sustaining and life-giving networks that offer support during the programme and beyond.

For details of how to apply, the eligibility criteria, funding and costs please visit the CEFEL headship coaching webpage.  


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