Quinquennial Inspections (clergy housing)

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Quinquennial works to clergy housing

The Board is required under statute to carry out an inspection and report for every parsonage house every five years – The Quinquennial Survey.

This survey is completed by the Diocesan Surveyor and captures the condition of the major elements of the property and identifies and prioritises maintenance and capital works required to keep the property in a good state of repair. The decorative state of the property will also be assessed at this juncture. If deemed necessary the DBF will take responsibility to dealing with the common areas only (hall, stairs, landing, downstairs WC and study). Anything over and above will be assessed and considered by the Diocesan Surveyor on a case by case basis for an offer of a grant for materials on production of receipts.

An electrical inspection of the property will be undertaken by a qualified electrical contractor at the time of the quinquennial survey.

The report is subsequently forwarded to the Incumbent or occupier for his/her comments and observations. Specifications are prepared and the proposed work is procured.

The Team is always interested to hear any comments regarding work carried out to their property. Email Mike Williams or Sophie Mead to provide feedback.

Any complaints or comments on the standard of workmanship should be notified at the time the work is carried out, so that any problems can be resolved.

Any major structural problems should be notified to the Team as soon as they occur, as it may be advisable to bring forward the Quinquennial inspection and works.

Similarly, in certain situations a Quinquennial may be deferred; for example, if an appointment is pending or further investigation of structural problems is required.

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