Clergy Information

Clergy share responsibility with the Bishop for ministry and mission in the diocese. This page is designed to give you quick access to useful information in running a parish.  Further information on clergy wellbeing, support for spouses and advice for retired clergy can be found in the ministry section.

The Church of England has also compiled a single page on all the available resources for running your church, most of them available for free, which you can find here.

Where can I find information and forms that support daily parish administration?

The following are a useful list of documents, forms and information gathered to support the day to day parish and administration role and work of clergy.   Please contact the Archdeacons or Diocesan Office, if you require any further support or have a matter you wish to discuss in further detail. 

Where can I find professional support and advice on wellbeing?

Clergy wellbeing is an important aspect of the life of our Diocese.

We continue to monitor the key aspects of wellbeing, awareness of trends etc, and enable appropriate actions to be taken to improve the wellbeing of the ordained ministers in the diocese. You can find further useful information and advice on the clergy wellbeing page and further information about clergy counselling and support services.  There are also services available to support clergy spouses, clergy partners and families alongside special Bishop's Visitors appointed to offer support in the event of marriage breakdown. 

Where can I find information about the clergy wellbeing group?

The creation of the Clergy Wellbeing Group (membership: Archdeacon of Hereford (convener), Archdeacon of Ludlow, Diocesan Secretary, Chair of House of Clergy and Dean of Women’s Ministry) is a group that continues to monitor and make recommendations to help improve the wellbeing of our clergy.   Please contact any of the members if you wish to make a recommendation or chat to them about the work of this group.

What other documentation and information do I need to know about?

The following list with links is to some of the most frequently asked questions.  There is a wealth of information on the parish support section and anything you're unable to find online, can be discussed with your rural dean, archdeacon or one of the central diocesan office support team.

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