School Chaplaincy

The Church of England has been providing and supporting schools for centuries through the work of school chaplains. 

School chaplains work in all kinds of schools – those set up by the Church of England or other religious bodies, and those which have no formal connection with the church at all. For many pupils, that might be their main contact with the Church.

They are there for all staff, pupils, parents, governors and the community which the school serves, regardless of the faith or belief of those groups and individuals.

Every school is different and so there is no one single model for school chaplaincy: chaplains themselves have different backgrounds, some are clergy and some are lay people, some teach and others do not, some combine their chaplaincy with another role, for instance leading a local church.

Meet the Chaplain - Wayne Davies

When did you start this role? 

I started with the local high school in 2018. I had an opportunity to have a meeting with head and RE teacher. When asked what I wanted to do, my response was I’m just here to serve you and do whatever you want me to do. This was the start of an amazing opportunity within the life of the high school.

What are some of the challenges and joys of the job?

The joys are each and every young person I come into contact with, the amazing potential each one has within them, even if a lot of the time they don’t see it. Challenge, helping students to try and navigate an ever changing world around them.

Lastly, how does your faith influence your role as a Chaplain?

My faith influences everything. In most situations, I find myself out of my depth, and it seems no human words can help. But, there is a constant ear listening for the Holy Spirit to bring peace, wisdom, grace and abounding love to those I find myself in front of.

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Meet the Chaplain - Heather Martin

When did you start this role? 

September 2021

What are some of the challenges and joys of the job?

Working with any people presents its own challenges and meeting with them in the different places we encounter them in. It’s such a joy to journey with people, to share life with them and offer a range of spiritual, practical and prayerful support.

Lastly, how does your faith influence your role as a Chaplain?

My faith influences any encounters I have with people- how I respond to them, how I approach the different challenges they may present and also how I hold the space I work in. Without that love I have experienced from God and a living faith that trusts in him each day, my chaplaincy would be futile and I wouldn’t be able to fully love those I meet- whatever their background. It is ministering out of this that makes me feel alive and when I see the most fruit.

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