Election Results - General Synod 2021

Published on: 13th October 2021

Electors have cast their votes and election overseers have counted them.

As Presiding Officer, diocesan secretary Sam Pratley said "I am pleased with the level of interest in elections on this occasion. We have seen much better engagement and nearly double the number of people standing for election than in previous years. On behalf of the whole diocese, I would like to congratulate the successful candidates and to encourage everyone to keep in their prayers all our representatives as they step forward for this new Synod."

The new representatives from Hereford Diocese to the Church of England's General Synod for the next five years with the links to their individual election addresses:


House of Laity

Wendy Coombey

Charles Houston

Emily Hill


Papers Issued: 389
Papers returned: 217
Spoilt papers: 0
Percentage poll: 56%


House of Clergy

The Ven Fiona Gibson

Revd Chris Moore

Revd Neil Patterson

Papers Issued: 142
Papers returned: 98
Spoilt papers: 0
Percentage poll: 69%

House of Bishops

As a diocesan bishop, Rt Revd Richard Jackson is a de facto member of General Synod. 


Here are the full return of Election Results for 2021.

House of Laity Results

House of Clergy Results

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