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Diocesan Days of Prayer

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To support the process of appointing a new Bishop there is call to prayer across the diocese beginning on Sunday 3 February (Candlemas) and Monday 4 February (the first meeting of the Vacancy in See committee) and continuing through 2019.

All are also most welcome to join the Vacancy in See Committee for communion at 11am at All Saints in Hereford on Monday 4 February and at Hereford Cathedral Evensong on Tuesday 5 March at 5.30pm

Please see the Vacancy in See Timeline page for details.
May we all be guided by the Holy Spirit as we listen and pray together to hear and discern God’s will for the future leadership of our diocese.

And in particular, most immediately:

  • For +Richard and Kay; for Richard’s continuing leadership of our diocese over his remaining months with us as our bishop
  • For the members of the Vacancy-in-See Committee as they prepare our Statement of Needs and elect our representatives for the Crown Nominations Commission
  • For the many individuals who will contribute to the ViS process
  • For the Crown Nominations Commission when they meet in June and July


The diocesan Follow! Prayer

God, who in Jesus
calls us -
open hearts and minds
to your invitation.
God of the pilgrim way -
be our companion
day by day.
God of the still, small
voice - teach us to pray.
Grant that in our calling,
our following,
our pilgrimage,
we may see your
kingdom of truth
and peace -
and delight to bring
others to your love.
We make this prayer
through Jesus, the Lord.

Prayer for guidance in the Appointment of the new Bishop of Hereford

O come, O Holy Spirit:
Come as holy fire
and burn in us.
Come as holy wind
and cleanse us.
Come as holy light
and lead us.
Come as holy truth
and teach us.
Come as holy
forgiveness and free us.
Come as holy love
and enfold us.
Come as holy life
and dwell in us.