Property Department

Property department deals with all queries on DAC, Church buildings and Faculties and Parsonages.

Property Secretary:
Stephen Challenger; Tel - 01432 373308 or email Stephen at s.challenger@hereford.anglican.org

Stephen is secretary to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC). He offers advice and support to parishes on church repairs, maintenance and development projects, churchyards and Faculty jurisdiction.
On Glebe matters, Stephen acts as the liaison between tenants, the general public and the Diocese's professional advisers and managing agents.

DAC and Housing Officer:

Miss Sophie Mead - Tel: 01432 373302 s.mead@hereford.anglican.org

Church Buildings Officer

Mr Tim Bridges - Tel 01432 373330 email Tim at t.bridges@hereford.anglican.org

This part time post (originally funded by English Heritage) to help congregations look after their churches and enable the buildings to have a sustainable future as places of worship, ministry and mission, and as centres of culture, art and history.
Tim works with the Diocesan Advisory Committee to offer support on maintenance, conservation and repairs, as well as on reordering and improvements. He can also give advice on sources of funding, in conjunction with the Community Partnership Funding Officer, and assist with guidance on faculty application procedure. Normal working days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

People often ask about Glebe land; who owns it and what happens to the income. So here are the answers.