Three Top Tips on improving Giving in Church

Published on: 8th March 2021


We recently caught up with our generous giving team who have shared three top tips on improving generosity and promoting giving in our churches

  1. Make it meaningful. Tell the story of God at work within your church and community during the pandemic and of the impact of your church in the wider community through for example foodbanks and good neighbour schemes. Generous churches are full of generous people, and people across our communities will respond generously to our generosity as a church. What new opportunities has your church taken to share God’s generosity during 2020, and what will you be doing in 2021?
  2. Make it relational. Thank those who have continued to give generously of their time, talents and money. Take time to telephone, email, and send messages to each other, and to communicate your news via social media, parish newsletters, and online worship. Consider ways of socialising online; fundraising is at its heart relational, just as other parts of our faith and healthy, loving relationships nurture healthy, generous givers.
  3. Make it easy. Make sure your parish part of the Parish Giving Scheme and tell people about it – and once that’s set up, get a Parish Giving Scheme QR code. Set up an online giving page and a donate option on your parish website or Facebook page if you have one. Set up text giving for your church, and consider investing in a contactless card reader (via Parish Buying) to make it easy for visitors and passers-by to give. There are many ways to give; contact your Parish Giving Advisers to find out more and for any help.


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