The Hub offers anyone a seat who wants a good old fashioned chat and food

Published on: 19th December 2022

Chatty Cafe at Peterchurch enjoying a Christmas meal

The Hub community development project located in St Peter’s Church in Peterchurch, Hereford has joined forces with the Chatty Cafe Scheme, bringing a weekly event to this rural area that helps anyone who wants a good old fashioned chat and a hot lunch.


Revd Simon Lockett and a few of the regulars have been helping to spread the word around the area.  He explains: “there is always a table at The Hub Cafe once a week where anyone can come and sit, talk and socialise.”


“We provide a warm welcome at our chatty table and relaxing atmosphere to host people once a week.  I can see how it helps those who come to feel less isolated.  The conversation is always easy going and if anyone is stuck for ideas about what to talk about, some suggested topics allow people to find an easy way into the conversation.”


Joyce a retired teacher who has lived in Herefordshire her whole life and who is a regular at the Chatty Café and other Hub community events explains: “We usually have between 10 – 12 people each week.  It helps to break up the week and we all get to know each other from coming along. A few months ago, Jayne, The Hub’s chef, introduced a hot meal at lunch which is very popular.”


Judy adds: “I moved to the area a few years ago and Chatty Café has been a great way to get to know more people. It’s a nice middle of the week activity that I always look forward to coming to each week.” 


The scheme was set up by Alex Hoskyn OBE, who came up with the idea for ‘Chatter & Natter’ tables and set up The Chatty Café Scheme in 2017. She found that by simply putting ‘Chatter & Natter’ signs on tables in cafes it created a space for people to come together and talk and this has gone from strength to strength throughout the UK.


Anyone can join. There is no cost and no membership, you need to find the table and sit. The Hub is just one of many cafes across the county that have joined the scheme to welcome those who are interested in some company. You don’t have to come along every week, just when you feel like it.


You can find out more at Cafes and community centres are welcome to join, find out more on the website.  The Hub in Peterchurch offers a number of other community events and activities including a free community supper once a month and wellbeing walks. To learn more about the events happening at The Hub, visit their website:


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