Plough Sunday honours the farming community

Published on: 11th January 2024

Two vicars stood in front of an ancient plough at the high altar Fownhope Church, Hereford

A sense of joy and communal spirit was celebrated by many churches across Hereford Diocese, including those in Abbeydore Deanery and Fownhope Benefice, as part of Plough Sunday, a cherished tradition that marks the beginning of the agricultural year.


Plough Sunday, observed on the first Sunday after Epiphany, honours the vital role of agriculture in sustaining communities – a key part of the economy in the Church of England’s most rural diocese.


In the Abbeydore Deanery, many churches mark the festivities with tractor displays where blessings are extended to farmers and their equipment.


Over at St George’s Church, Woolhope, the Plough Sunday, service took place inside the church where the traditional ancient plough and bushel of seed received a blessing of “God speed the plough." Bill Gunn, a churchwarden, emphasised the significance of Plough Sunday in fostering a sense of togetherness. "Our churches are not just places of worship but hubs of community life. Plough Sunday provides a wonderful opportunity for us to come together, celebrate our agricultural heritage, and pray for the well-being of our farmers.  The recent weather and extensive flooding impacts the wellbeing, livelihood and activity of farmers and other producers in the food chain.  We pray our farmers can plough fields in preparation for Spring.”


Plough Sunday celebrations in Hereford Diocese underscore the enduring connection between faith and agriculture, highlighting the shared values of gratitude and hope for the future.


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