Huge Easter Crosses mark Easter in Onny Camlad Benefice

Published on: 26th March 2024

Three wooden easter crosses atop a hill with sunlight and blue sky in background

For the third consecutive year, the church team at St. Margaret's Ratlinghope, which is part of the Onny Camlad Benefice a group of churches in south Shropshire, have erected three crosses on a hillside. This is part of church celebrations to remember the death and resurrection of Christ. The crosses serve as a visual reminder to the community of the significance of Easter to Christians and offer an invitation to engage people in the celebrations.

The crosses, constructed by the church team, were re-erected at the start of Holy Week last weekend by church members Nigel Cooke, Ben Cooke, and Mike Barnbrook. They stand proudly on private land owned by Matt Sankey. Mr. Sankey and his family are regular members of St. Margaret's Ratlinghope Church and have permitted the crosses to be displayed on their property.

"This tradition of erecting these three crosses each year has become a meaningful way for our community to come together and reflect on the true meaning of Easter, it's a talking point" said Sue Cooke, Church Administrator at St. Margaret's Ratlinghope. Standing atop the hill, with an almost 360-degree view of the surrounding South Shropshire countryside, she adds: "You can't help but feel a sense of awe and wonder. It's a perfect backdrop for our Good Friday service of reflection."

St. Margaret's Ratlinghope Church will hold an outdoor Good Friday service this year and invite people to gather at the church before embarking on the walk to the top of the hill where the crosses stand.

"Last year, 65 people attended the Good Friday service and participated in the walk." Says Sue, who adds: "This year, we hope for an even larger turnout, perhaps 100 people, though we know attendance may be weather-dependent.  We're praying it remains dry and sunny."

The presence of the crosses serves as a symbol of faith but also as a beacon of hope for the wider community. As Easter approaches, they remind everyone of the enduring message of love which lies at the heart of the Christian message.

Sue sums up, "The invitation is open to anyone to join us and we're even providing transportation up the hill for those unable to make it under their own steam."

For more information, please contact: Sue on email or phone 01588 650580 by Thursday.

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