Five Top Tips on looking after your Mental Health online

Published on: 15th March 2021


As part of our series of tips and advice, we asked our communications team to share some tips on looking after your mental health and wellbeing online

The digital landscape is constantly changing and so is technology. It’s important to think about how the conversations we have can help, support and encourage one another.  We know that too much screen time can affect our mental health and wellbeing negatively.  Here are a few tips from our Communications team on how to look after yourself online:

  1. Know your settings

Look at the settings on the social media platforms you are using and make sure you know how to change your privacy settings, or block and report people if you need to. If you are feeling overwhelmed, turn off your notifications. You can always switch them back on later.  See point 4 – screen breaks are important!


  1. Don’t compare yourself to others

Social media posts are not real life, they are the highlights that we choose to share – They do not show the reality of what is really happening in someone’s life or in someone’s church. If you are not posting every five minutes but your neighbour is, so what?

There are brighter days ahead when we will be able to meet in person once more and worship, sing, dance and hug one another as an expression of our faith, fellowship and church community life.


  1. Analytics are not a performance management tool

It is good to be aware of how and who is engaging with your content but it’s not a performance management tool by which you will be judged.  We are all in this digital space together. Share the information as part of your church leadership team meetings or at a Deanery Chapter.  If one post has panned, it is not a full reflection of your preaching skills or worship leadership style.


  1. Have some screen-free time

Rest those eyes and remember that a world exists outside your door and you can now meet one other person from another household for a social catch up outdoors! (Hooray!)  Try a prayer walk with a friend or alone.


  1. Talk to someone in real-life

Remember, if you are struggling with social media, you are not alone. Try talking to someone about it. It could be a friend, family member, colleague or even the diocesan comms team –talking to someone about what you are going through can help.  We also know that there’s power in prayer and quiet reflection.  Many of us have found that time in nature, appreciating God’s creation helps us to recharge and find a fresh perspective.


The Church of England created a digital charter – Do sign up and help to promote a gospel message of kindness online.


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