Church Transforms for Interactive Learning Experience

Published on: 5th June 2024

Image of school children listening to a story sat next to large wooden crucifix in church

Last week, St. Laurence’s Church in Church Stretton hosted an interactive event that welcomed over 200 local primary school children. The church hosted six stations designed to help the children explore the events following Jesus' resurrection, using the liturgical (church) calendar as a guide. This immersive experience was made possible by the resource pack ‘Experience After Easter’ from Jumping Fish Publications.


The stations included:


  • After Easter Stories: Children examined Thomas' doubts and the reassurance he received from Jesus, emphasizing Jesus' understanding of our questions and doubts.
  • Ascension: Using bubbles to symbolize Jesus' mysterious return to heaven, children reflected on the beauty and mystery of the event.
  • Pentecost - The Story: This station focused on the arrival of the Holy Spirit, the helper promised by Jesus, prompting children to think about the people who help them and the universal help offered by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pentecost - The Impact: Children planted pea seeds to symbolize the Holy Spirit’s role in helping us grow more like Jesus through the 'fruit of the Spirit.'
  • Trinity Sunday: With strands of wool, children explored the concept of the Trinity, learning how three strands together are much stronger than one.
  • Ordinary Time: The largest section of the liturgical calendar focused on growth, prompting children to consider which 'fruit' of the Spirit God might want them to develop.

Sally Clilverd, Children's and Families Worker at St. Laurence’s Church, shared her thoughts on the event: “The children were so attentive and eager to participate in the activities. It’s wonderful to see their excitement and engagement as they learn about these important stories.” Headmaster of St. Lawrence’s, Church Stretton, Alan Brannen, adds  "We are so grateful to everyone at St Laurence's Church for skilfully engaging all of our pupils in such wonderful activities. The children are learning so much through the program and their knowledge of the liturgical calendar is growing every time they visit the church."


This marks the third 'Experience' event hosted for the school, including last year's 'Experience Coronation.' The program, now a regular feature in the school’s calendar, promises at least one event each academic year. These events are highly anticipated by the children, who appreciate the practical elements that reinforce their learning.


“These events are an important part of our partnership with our local school. We're thrilled to offer these experiences, and the children always look forward to the activities that bring their learning to life,” Sally added.


The church looks forward to hosting their next event in November, ‘Experience Advent.’

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