Church of England holds first West Midlands Racial Justice Board Meeting

Published on: 28th May 2024

Orleton CE Primary school children on pilgrimage

The Church of England in the West Midlands has marked a milestone with the inaugural meeting of its Racial Justice Board on Thursday, May 2. This pivotal gathering united representatives from Birmingham, Coventry, Gloucester, Hereford, Lichfield, and Worcester to address racism and champion racial justice within the Church, society, and our communities.


As a groundbreaking collaborative initiative within the Church of England, this project shows the power of united efforts to create impactful change. Racism has no place in the Church of England, yet we must confront its ongoing presence. Reflecting on the significance of Stephen Lawrence Day, West Midlands bishops collectively emphasised, “…we strongly affirm the work of the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce and the report From Lament to Action. We acknowledge our part in past and present failures and recognise the challenges it presents. We wholeheartedly support its recommendations and look forward to taking them forward with energy and determination.”


We need to say it clearly. Racism is a sin. It is an affront to the very nature of God who created us, each one of us, every one of us, with no exceptions, children of one blood… called to rejoice in one another.


Since the launch of From Lament to Action in 2021, discussions and networks across the West Midlands have focused on eradicating racism from our culture, structures, and behaviours. This dialogue led to a unified bid from the West Midlands region (Birmingham, Coventry, Gloucester, Hereford, Lichfield and Worcester) to the national Church for funding, recognising the enhanced impact of regional collaboration.


We are excited to announce that this funding has been secured, and a dynamic team of 11 members is being assembled. The new Regional Director of Racial Justice  has been appointed: the Revd Dr. Evie Vernon O’Brien.


This dedicated team, working across all six dioceses, will be instrumental in our collective efforts to confront and combat racism within our Church, in broader society, and critically within ourselves. This initiative signifies a decisive commitment to fostering a Church and society that reflect the inclusive and loving nature of God.


If you would like to be part of this work, contact: 



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