Bless Who? A new board game for the episcopal games cupboard.

Published on: 7th July 2022

The creative minds of the clergy have led to many previous great inventions in the history of the church.  In a recent scroll through social media, the beady-eyed diocesan communications team discovered that Revd Paul Roberts, Rector of the Maund Group of Churches may have come up with a world-first for the episcopal games cupboard. 

Revd Paul and his family recently spent a period of isolation at home due to covid.  This gave the vicar time to work on the prototype of his new board game. "Bless Who" uses the well-known  "Guess Who"  as a framework.  The game involves all the Bishops in the Church of England and players are required to deduce who is who by taking turns to ask yes or no questions to deduce their opponent's mystery character.

He explains: "While having Covid has been tough, it gave me the opportunity to create something I've been dreaming of for a long time: "Bless Who" is an Anglican variant of the popular family favourite "Guess Who."   With the growing diversity in the House of Bishops, it's now possible to have a game that works, and our boys have certainly taken to it! "

Picture: A round of 'Bless Who?' with the Rt Revd Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford in the frame

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