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Bishop of Hereford's Message

This section contains transcripts from the Bishop of Hereford's video messages.

Archdeacon Derek's Weekly video Message - Transcript 27/08/2020

Growing up I had a real soft spot for the work of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson. Even if you don’t know their names you will recognise their credits: Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett, Fireball XL5, UFO and Stingray to name just a few!

Weekly Video Message - Transcript 20/08/2020

Hereford Cathedral has seen great upheavals during its 1300 year history. In 1055, when the Welsh invaded Hereford, the cathedral was sacked and burned and the cathedral clergy killed. Later, in 1349, Hereford City was gravely hit by the Black Death and here and across the diocese, over one quarter of all clergy died of the plague.

Weekly Video Message - Transcript 13/08/2020

During Lockdown many people have spent a good deal more time than they would normally in their gardens, and quite a few have tried their hand at growing their own vegetables for the first time. I’ve been very struck by the many people have told me how important and helpful their gardens have been during this difficult time.

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