Celebrating over 30 years of quiet generosity from BHBS Trust

Published on: 30th November 2022

Children at St Thomas Cantilupe Primary School taking care of the school's quiet reflection area

photo credit: Children at St Thomas Cantilupe Primary School taking care of the school's special, quiet reflection area.

For over 30 years Children across two Herefordshire schools have benefitted from the quiet generosity of the Bishop of Hereford Bluecoat School trust. 

The Trust came about when the new BHBS school site was built following the combination of a few charities linked to the sale of old school land and buildings across the city of Hereford. The money not used for the new building was invested, and trustees have been able to make small gifts to the school for special benefits of the kind not normally provided for by education budgets. Each year the trustees meet and give out small grants which recognise and support the enhancement of the Christian distinctiveness of the school. Trustees are permitted to consider requests for assistance from St Thomas Cantilupe Academy as well as the Bishop of Hereford Bluecoat School.

In recent years roughly £6,000 has been handed out to the two schools each year. This has paid for school trips, books, outdoor prayer and reflection areas, COVID safe spaces and counselling room refurbishments. The most recent grants support a number of activities and projects including:

  • An accelerated reader programme
  • Sewing material for an after school activity
  • Offering children access to music, sports and drama provision after school
  • Giving children enhanced opportunities for singing through Choir church with West Hereford, at Hereford Cathedral, at the Christmas service in St Peter’s, for the residents of Hampton Grange and at All Saint's.
  • Offering children in Y5 and Y6 the opportunity to develop their understanding of another faith (Islam) through art.

Chair of the Trustees, Rosemary Lording said: “We have been giving grants to both schools for many years now. We see how a small contribution goes such a long way in improving the opportunities available for the children at these schools.”

At St Thomas Cantilupe Primary School, head teacher Claire McKeown adds: "We aim for children to ‘shine bright’ their lights. The support from the BHBS Trust enables our children to do just that.

"Through art, reading, learning about faith, creating quiet spaces for reflection, promoting singing and much more, the children are given opportunities to flourish, thanks to the generosity of the Trust."

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