There are 78 schools and academies in the Diocese of Hereford, most of which are primary schools but 3 are secondary schools. These schools nurture and educate approximately 12,000 children and places at them are frequently sought after by parents. 

The Hereford Board of Education believes our schools are at the heart of the mission and ministry of the Church of England in Hereford. 

The Diocesan Education Team works in partnership with four local authorities, offering a support service complementary to those offered by the local authorities. 

Please visit the  "Our Schools"  page for contact details and useful information on all of our schools.

We are proud of all our church schools, of their values and the high standard of education they offer, and of their links with the community.

This section of the website provides resources and information for governors and teachers in our church schools.

Please take time to read our Diocesan Board of Education strategy “A View to the Future 2016”. This document (plus separate appendices) sets out our plans, hopes and aspirations within the context of these times and of the Church of England’s Central Vision for Education.

BAET - The Diocesan Multi Academy Trust

More details on the trust and its schools can be found here BAET.

Links to the Church of England Education Policies and Documents

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