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Making changes to church, contents or grounds requires submission of a faculty application (a request for permission) to the Chancellor of the Diocese.

The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC), a body set up by Church of England legislation, is there to make recommendations to the Chancellor, and to advise the parish when changes are requested.

Faculties are then issued by the Chancellor or the Archdeacons, taking the DAC’s recommendations into account.

DAC members serve on a voluntary basis and are appointed by the Bishop's Council. The committee members include a range of specialists on architecture, liturgy, archaeology, engineering, and representatives from Local Authorities and Amenity Societies and the Archdeacons. 

  • Diocesan Advisory Commiittee (DAC)
  • The Registry and Consistory Court
  • Faculty consent
  • Minor works via List A and B Consent 
  • A Guide to making an online application for DAC Advice and Permissions
  • Grants and Funding

All of this expertise is available to parishes at no charge. If you are considering a faculty application please speak to Stephen Challenger, DAC Secretary, in the first instance who will guide you through the process in the current situation. Please email Stephen Challenger or phone: 01432 373300

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Other Committees and Groups which are part of our governance structures: 


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