Image of a homeless woman seated on a cardboard box in a busy highstreet

1856 John Venn and his sister Emelia founded Hereford City Mission. Their vision was to reach out to local people struggling with the problems of homelessness, hunger and health care.

Today, Hereford City Mission is renamed Vennture and remains a Christian cross-church initiative true to John and Emelia’s original vision of loving those who are marginalised or vulnerable. Our work relies on an army of rigorously trained volunteers, incredibly diverse (from retirees to students) but who all share a passion to make a difference by ‘Loving people better. Their work includes:

Street PastorsTeams of trained church volunteers work in Hereford on busy weekend nights, keeping people safe, especially when they’re vulnerable

Family Pastors

Trained volunteers who can work with the family by listening to them in a non-judgemental way and helping them gain the support they need to make changes, find solutions to their challenges and bring new hope into their lives.

Street Pastors

Trained teams of volunteers who work on the streets of Hereford to provide a safe and caring presence in the night-time economy.  For more information click here

Lean on MeRigorously trained volunteers care for the injured or impaired in Hereford’s night time economy. Accurately assessing, supervising recovery and reuniting with friends and family


Teams volunteer in Hereford to keep people safe, support the vulnerable and provide first aid to make Hereford city an even better place to shop, visit and work.  For more information click here

To learn more about the work of Vennture or to find out how to volunteer go to their website.

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