Counselling and Support Services

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A number of support services are available including professional counselling. This is a fully confidential emotional and psychological help for clergy, their spouses and children over 16, ordinands, Readers, Readers in training, accredited lay workers, lay diocesan staff and diocesan employees.

You can read more in our Counselling Leaflet there is separate information to support clergy and their spouses in the event of marriage breakdown

How do I contact a counsellor or access the service?

To contact the counsellor and access services please telephone Richard Lewis on 01547 510360

A full list of our counsellors and therapists is below including telephone numbers:

(All registered with a recognised professional body)


Sue Anderson - 07729 241065
(Individuals, including trauma therapy)


Gill Carding - 07885 367120
(Individuals and couples)

Monmouth and South Herefordshire

Helen Dacey - 07815 809624

Llanfair Waterdine (Knighton)

Richard Lewis - 01547 510360
(Individuals, couples and young people)

Malvern Wells

Tim Marks - 07817 465213

Much Wenlock

Allan Walter - 07754 585362
(Individuals, couples and young people)

Are there any other services available to those in ministry? 

The Sheldon Hub is an online community supporting those in ministry.

The Hub is a place for those in ministry to meet, share and support each other.

The Sheldon Hub is a safe place for people in ministry to share together. It is secure and free to use.  It offers:

  • an independent, supportive community
  • a live directory of useful people and places
  • a bank of trustworthy advice
Where can I find further useful information on support services?

You can find further useful information and other support services as follows:

  • The clergy wellbeing information provides additional sources of support and advice.
  • The Church of England has a comprehensive list of national resources and charities supporting clergy and their families on a range of areas including relationships, finance, vocations and health (physical and mental)
  • We have two Bishop's Visitors whose specific responsibility is to support clergy spouses and partners where a marriage or partnership is breaking down or may be about to do so. We would always encourage you to talk with them in such circumstances but also recognise you may want some support before you take this step. If you want to speak in confidence with a Bishop's Visitor please email the Bishop's Chaplain.
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