Within the variety of Christian callings, since early times the Church has set aside some of its members by ORDINATION, to be fully dedicated to ministry and to bear various responsibilities.  In the Church of England, the vast majority of those ordained are priests, (also called presbyters, the Greek for 'elder' from which the word is derived).  More information about ordination as the Church of England understands it, and the national process of Selection for ordination, can be found here.

If you, or someone you know, feels they may be called to ordained ministry, this should first always be discussed with the relevant parish priest.  The Diocesan Director of Vocations & Ordinands, Neil Patterson, meets with prospective candidates and oversees the process.  Candidates should be prepared for a long and testing process of discernment, over at least a year, accepting that all parts of their life are potentially relevant areas to be explored, and that the outcome may not be what they hope.  Neil will normally expect to hear about candidates from parish clergy but do contact him if you are unsure whom to speak to first or have general enquiries (details as on previous page).