Get to know...Rev'd Neil Patterson

Rev'd Neil Patterson

The next team member we meet in our two-minute interview is Revd Neil Patterson

Neil is presently acting as Bishop's Chaplain whilst Bishop Richard recruits the permanent role.  Neil has been working for the diocese for many years as the Director of and is a well-known face at General Synod.

I: Hello. Thanks for taking part in the 2-min interview. Our first question is nice and easy - If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

NP: The Holy Land.  I was due to lead a pilgrimage in autumn 2020, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, and it remains an aspiration.

I: Lovely, that's on my list of places to go too. So next question, What skill would you most like to master and why?

NP:  Sight-reading music properly.  I love singing, but only really learn by listening.

I: There's a lot of pleasure in learning to read music but it takes time which I suspect is not something you have lots of at the moment with your role. Last question and this is the one we ask everybody. What do you enjoy about working at Diocese?

NP: The sound of laughter around the office.  It's lovely to see people returning to the office again.  We've also had some good fun as a staff team recently which has provided an opportunity to laugh again. 

I: Thank you very much Neil and for posing for the photographs (We hope your Mum approves?!)