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Generous Giving

Giving: What Christians believe

As Christians we are called by God to give and to live generously. This will enable God’s work to happen, both in your local community and church, and in the wider world too. Christians have a distinctive understanding of giving and sharing; it shapes and changes how we live and all our decisions and actions; giving is at the heart of faith, when we choose to follow Jesus Christ.

The communities and churches of our diocese are full of people who give generously of their time, skills and money. Our Parish Giving Advisers are on hand to support parishes and deaneries in growing and nurturing generosity and giving, so that local churches can continue to proclaim and share the good news of God’s generosity, through their life and work and to grow and develop in new and exciting ways!

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Giving and Stewardship: Tools for your Parish

Our Diocese uses Giving for Life as its preferred suite of resources for parishes. Using the eight-point guide, you should be able identify materials to help you and your parish. Click on each of the areas below to find out more.

To visit the full Giving for Life website directly, go to: www.parishresources.org.uk/givingforlife

For the Parish Resources website, visit www.parishresources.org.uk

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