Community Partnership & Grant Funding 

The Community Partnership and Funding Initiative was started in the Hereford Diocese in September 2001. The aim of the initiative is to support parishes with any work or activities carried out with the wider community. 

In rural areas the church is at the heart of community, not only through the physical presence of a building, but by being the spiritual focal point and depository of the history and culture of an area. The church is concerned with the WHOLE community - not just the worshipping one, and where there is an opportunity to serve or support the local people within a parish.

Our Community Partnership and Funding Officer, Wendy Coombey, and our Church Projects and Funding Support Assistant, Simon Whaley, can help explore ways of identifying local needs, developing a project that will help meet that need, finding the most appropriate partners to work with and helping the parish to source the funding.

It is important that we work in partnership with others. It's rewarding, it helps with the sharing of skills, resources and funding. We can achieve so much more working with others than we ever can on our own. 

Contact The Team:

Wendy Coombey
Community Partnership and Funding Officer

Email: w.coombey@hereford.anglican.org

Telephone Number: 01584 871088
Tim Bridges
Church Buildings Support Officer                    

Email: t.bridges@hereford.anglican.org

Telephone Number: 01432 373330
Mary Oxley
Personal Assistant to Wendy Coombey (Community Partnership and Funding Officer) and Christine Pepler (Community Link Development Officer)

Email: mary.oxley@hereford.anglican.org

Telephone Number: 01584 871089