Mustard Seed Fund

Sprouting mustard seeds in bags

Mustard Seed Funding

A project fund is available to those seeking funding between £1k- £8K over a maximum of three years and is aimed at assisting a Parish/Benefice in delivering a specific missional event or to pump prime a missional idea, which could grow into something bigger. The application process is straightforward, with the bid being considered by the relevant Archdeacon and the Diocesan Secretary.

The application process

Mustard seed funding involves completing an application form and submitting it to the Diocesan Programme Manager and/or the relevant Archdeacon.

Please complete the following Application form for Mustard Seed Fund (.doc)

Decision making

Applications for this funding should be forwarded to the Diocesan Programme Manager and must be approved by the relevant Archdeacon, plus either the Diocesan Secretary or the Director of Finance, and endorsed by the Deanery Leadership Team.

For an informal conversation about Mustard Seed Funding applications, please email David Morris, Diocesan Programme Manager.


Reporting successes 

As part of our commitment to transparency and good governance, we ask successful applicants to complete a short report about their local project.  This helps us to ensure that we can celebrate the opportunities more widely as well as share any learning. 

A Template Report for Mustard Seed Funding.doc can be downloaded and once completed, emailed to David Morris, Diocesan Programme Manager.






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