Hereford Diocesan Office

The Hereford Diocesan Office is the main administrative hub, housing the offices of the Archdeacon of Hereford, the Venerable Paddy Benson and of the Diocesan Secretary, Sam Pratley.

The administrative departments of finance, pastoral, property and communications are also located here.

The Diocesan Office
The Palace

Tel: 01432 373300
Fax: 01432 352952

Monday to Friday
9am to 1pm
2pm to 5pm 

Closed on Statutory UK Bank Holidays and from 12.30pm Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve.

Archdeacon of Hereford 
Venerable Paddy Benson
Tel 01432 373316
Email: archdeacon@hereford.anglican.org

PA to Archdeacon
Cheryl Combstock 

Tel 01432 373316
Email: c.combstock@hereford.anglican.org

Diocesan Secretary
Sam Pratley

Tel 01432 373314
Email: s.pratley@hereford.anglican.org

Personal Assistant to Diocesan Secretary 
Pam Brown

Tel: 01432 373314
Email: p.brown@hereford.anglican.org


Director of Finance
Stephen Herbert

Tel 01432 373305
Email: s.herbert@hereford.anglican.org

Diocesan Accountant
Kate Bayliss

Tel 01432 353310 
Email: k.bayliss@hereford.anglican.org

Financial Assistant (Part Time)
Sallyann Hales

Tel 01432 373304
Email: s.hales@hereford.anglican.org

Financial Assistant (Part Time)
Mrs Lorraine Aitken

Tel 01432 373303
Email: l.aitken@hereford.anglican.org

Parish Giving Advisors
Richard Jones
Tel 01432 373344
Email: richardjones@hereford.anglican.org

Revd Val Smith 

Email: val.smith@hereford.anglican.org

All queries on DAC, Church buildings and Faculties and Parsonages

Property Secretary
Stephen Challenger
Tel 01432 373308
Email: s.challenger@hereford.anglican.org

Property Administration Assistant:
Sophie Andrews
Tel: 01432 373302
Email: s.andrews@hereford.anglican.org

Church Buildings Officer
Tim Bridges
Tel 01432 373330
Email: t.bridges@hereford.anglican.org

Diocesan Surveyor
Mike Williams

Tel 01432 373307
Email: Mike.Williams@hereford.anglican.org

Pastoral Secretary

Sarah Girling
Tel 01432 373315
Email: s.girling@hereford.anglican.org

Admin Support for Pastoral Secretary (Part Time)
Cheryl Combstock
Tel 01432 373317 
Email at: c.combstock@hereford.anglican.org


Communication Director
Catherine Cashmore
Tel 01432 373342
Email: catherine.cashmore@hereford.anglican.org

Film and Creative Content Producer
Adam Parker-Randall
Tel 01432373340
Email: a.parker-randall@hereford.anglican.org


Office Manager
Kerry Preedy

Tel 01432 373300
Email:  k.preedy@hereford.anglican.org

Office Secretary (Morning)
Sarah Bassett

Tel 01432 373301
Email:  s.bassett@hereford.anglican.org

Office Secretary (Afternoon)
Judy Pearce

Tel 01432 373301
Email:  j.pearce@hereford.anglican.org