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baby girlLord of all, we offer our deep thanksgiving for the gift of new life and especially for the daughter born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, pour your blessing upon the whole family, and be their light and guide in all that they are called to be and do in life. Enfold them in your love and hope, now and always we pray through Jesus Christ our risen Lord. Amen

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Bishop opens the May fair in Hereford
Bishop Richard opened the traditional May Fair in Hereford on a wet and windy day in the city. He tested the 12 and a half bushels of wheat and declared it good, accepted it as payment and the Fair which dates back to the time of Henry I (12th Century) lasts for three days and closes the street of the city. For the first time ever new Show Bells were rung out by the Bishop and the big wheel started turning!

Bishop and Rector on Luldow Dodgems
Bishop Richard and Colin Williams, Rector of Ludlow take a ride on the dodgems at Ludlow May Fair just after the Bishop blessed the Fair. Tuesday 5th he will decide whether to allow the May Fair in Hereford to take place...but only if the wheat is good eneough. 3.30pm Cathedral Close to witness the ancient ceremony.

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