Worship 4 Today

Worship 4 Today is a twelve session course specially designed to encourage and equip those involved or interested in leading worship in the local church.   It is suitable for everyone – musicians and non-musicians; those who read lessons or lead intercessions; those with skills in creative and expressive arts or technology; ordained or lay; in fact, anyone who might:

  • Wish to deepen their understanding of worship
  • Already be involved in leading worship in their local church
  • Sense a call to a ministry of leading others in worship
  • Wish to improve their practical worship leading skills
  • Wish to develop their musical understanding and level of competency

This highly successful course has been developed and run centrally in Sheffield Diocese over many years.   It attracts both clergy and laity including a growing number of churchwardens.   It is designed to compliment other types of training.   It has been written to fit in with the academic year with each part corresponding to one term.   However, it is now being used more widely in parishes, benefices, mission partnerships and deaneries.


The course comes in three parts.  Each part contains four sessions.   

Part 1:  Laying a firm foundation

  1. The theology of worship
  2. Who is the God we worship?
  3. Worship in the Old Testament
  4. Leadership skills

Part 2:  Developing key skills

  1. The role of music in worship
  2. Worship in the Psalms
  3. Patterns of worship in the Anglican Church
  4. Building a worship team

Part 3:  Consolidating and expanding horizons

  1. Practical worship day
  2. Worship in the New Testament
  3. The challenge of all-age worship
  4. Worship in a mission context

There are teaching notes for leaders, handouts for participants, and a PowerPoint presentation to accompany each teaching session.   A CD-Rom contains all handouts, PowerPoint and other resources.