Framework for Christian Learning: Working together well

‘If you want a job done, do it yourself!’   A suite of options which can be combined according to local need to help LMDGs, staff teams, wardens’ meetings, etc. get the most out of their shared endeavours and achieve more than any one could achieve on their own.   (Certificate students will need to participate in at least 6 sessions)

Session topics:

  1. Building a team - the basics:  exploring the ‘what’ & ‘how’ distinction, and the stages in team development
  2. Meetings that work:  getting the job done - before, during and after the meeting
  3. Striking a balance:  between task, relationships and spirituality
  4. My place in the team:  Belbin team roles and effective team-working
  5. Managing change:  things to bear in mind when implementing new ideas
  6. Where does the buck stop?   Exploring the distinction between shared and delegated responsibilities
  7. The Bible tells us so!   What the New Testament has to say about Church, ministry and leadership
  8. Dealing with conflict:  growing in self-awareness when differences arise
  9. Making decisions together:   autocracy, abdication and stations in-between
  10. Getting everyone on board:  working to achieve consensus