Visitations Ludlow Archdeaconry

Dear Churchwarden,


Thank you for all you have done for the life of the church during the past year and for taking on this important task. I am looking forward to working with you again this year. If you are no longer to be churchwarden please would you pass this letter to your successor.

Since the Churchwardens’ Measure 2001 every churchwarden is required by law to be admitted annually to office by the Archdeacon or under exceptional circumstances his surrogate.Until you have been admitted to office you are not legally a Churchwarden and you must be admitted before 31st July 2019.Prior to admittance you will need to complete a new Declaration form, which will be given out at the visitation and is to be completed and returned before departure. 

The dates which have been arranged are as follows:




Monday 13th May 7.00pm Condover, St. Andrew and St. Mary
Wednesday 22nd May 7.00pm Worthen, All Saints
Tuesday 18th June 7.00pm Cleobury Mortimer, St Mary’s
Thursday 27th June 7.00pm Sutton Hill Church and Pastoral Centre

Many have commented to me on how they appreciate the opportunity to gather at the Archdeacons Visitation. We endeavour to make these both enjoyable and worthwhile occasions. As in previous years we are providing short workshops on a variety of topics which will take place after the short formal service.Diocesan Staff will be present to advise and give help to churchwardens.As last year, all churchwardens and other visitors will have the opportunity to take part in one workshop lasting approximately 45 minutes.Please indicate on the attached reply slip your choice of workshop and we will endeavour where possible to fulfil your preference, or email the information to office@bishopofludlow.co.uk

The evening will begin with the formal service at 7.00pm, after which we will have a tea break with cakes or

biscuits, followed by the workshop, finishing by 9.00pm.

Please come to whichever suits you the best but do either complete the enclosed slip or email to us immediately after your election/re-election, this will also help with catering arrangements.If you are unable to make any of the dates, please phone my office as soon as possible (01588 673571).

Inventory and Terrier:An important task for Churchwardens is to complete the annual check of church property.Please record any changes to the inventory on the enclosed form and return it with your reply slip. You might find it convenient to use a copy of the form for your formal report to the PCC and Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Bishop Alistair 

Reply Slip

Inventory and Terrier