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Vacancy in See Committee Membership

Committee members and contact details


Bishop of Ludlow, Rt Revd Alistair Magowan - alistair@bishopofludlow.co.uk
Archdeacon of Hereford, The Ven Derek Chedzey - d.chedzey@hereford.anglican.org
Dean of Hereford, Very Revd Michael Tavinor - michael.tavinor@herefordcathedral.org
Chair of the House of Clergy, Revd Preb Simon Cawdell - s.h.cawdell@btinternet.com
Chair of the House of Laity, Philip Wilcocks (Chair) - philip.wilcocks@btinternet.com

Clergy members of General Synod:

Revd Laura Dalton - revlaura72@icloud.com
Revd Neil Patterson - DDVO@hereford.anglican.org

Lay members of General Synod:

Wendy Coombey - w.coombey@hereford.anglican.org
Liz Bird - libuffb@btinternet.com
Martin Elcock - m.elcock@btinternet.com

Elected Members

Elected clergy (at least two):
Revd Ruth Hulse - ruthhulse@hotmail.co.uk
Revd Preb Ashley Buck - ashley.astrolabe@yahoo.com

Elected laity

Kay Askew - kayaskew12@yahoo.co.uk
Nat Hone - nat@hone.net
Mark Simmons - mjcsimmons@gmail.com
Chris Smith - chrishesmith@btinternet.com
Christopher Whitmey - cj@whitmey.me.uk

Nominated members:

Revd Rachel Robertson - rachel.robertson@stpaulshereford.org.uk
Revd Kina Robertshaw - robertshawkina@yahoo.co.uk
Revd Alison Walker - wenlockcurate@gmail.com

Kate King - Kate.King@hereford.anglican.org