St Peter's Winter Shelter

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    St Peter’s Winter Shelter

    Shelter Wardens

    We want to recruit one male warden and possibly a second warden, either male or female for the winter shelter.

    The job is to look after the shelter overnight from 8.45 pm until 7.45am. One male and one female warden are on duty overnight, with a third during the evening. Tasks include booking clients in, completing a brief assessment of new clients, dealing with refreshments, giving out donated clothes and generally keeping everything running smoothly.

    During the night one warden remains awake while the other can get some rest. Waking and resting period are usually shared between the two overnight wardens.

    Our clients can have challenging behaviour, and wardens must have at least some experience relevant to this.

    For the sake of continuity, we hope that wardens will work at least one night per fortnight on average. Most wardens work on night per week. Wardens are paid £105 per night.

    There is an induction meeting in mid-November. New wardens are always paired with one with more experience.

    For more details please contact Andy Butterfill (01432 269163, a.m.butterfill@gmail.com)


    We are also looking for volunteers to help in the evenings and mornings. The evening volunteers set out refreshments, help with bedding, do laundry and talk to the clients. The morning volunteers are responsible for the cleaning and tidying.

    For more details please contact Jill Butterfill (01432 269163, j.butterfill@gmail.com)