Rural Pioneer Priest - Abbeydore

    Ordained Ministers
    2 Mar 2018, 5 p.m.
    15 Mar 2018

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    The newly appointed Priest will be part of a Deanery Team that initially will have five Stipendiary Parish Priests across the Deanery. We are in a transitional phase and in due course we anticipate any reduction in Stipendiary clergy will be balanced by the appointment of an administrator, a pioneer missioner or pioneer curate. We are at the start of something exciting in terms of the Kingdom of God.

    If you’d like to know more of the plans for the Deanery please email the Rural Dean, The Revd Nicholas Lowton, at lowton.nicholas@virgin.net to arrange a phone conversation. He will be very glad to hear from you.

    The Task of the Rural Pioneer Priest

    The Abbeydore Deanery is reorganising the way it works and introducing a new structure in order to grow new Christians and grow the Church and meet the needs of its diverse population. While retaining responsibility for the pastoral needs of a designated benefice, the aim will be that the Pioneer Priest, including the current incumbents, will spend 50% of their time as part of a team working across the Deanery. Success will be measured by the growth of new Christians and the life of the Church in the Deanery following the implementation of the MAP “Transforming Mission in the Abbeydore Deanery.”

    The MAP has identified five key areas of mission for growth:-

    1. Children and young people
    2. The missing generation (21 to 50)
    3. Long term Herefordshire residents
    4. People moving into the Deanery
    5. People who attend life services

    Each member of the deanery team will be accountable for one of the five areas of mission, developing effective strategies for growth and putting them into practice. The pioneer priest will be part of a mutually supportive team. It is therefore essential that the Pioneer Priest is a team player. The deanery team will meet together regularly.