Rector of the Weobley & Staunton Group of Parishes

    Ordained Ministers
    2 Mar 2020, midnight

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    We are seeking an incumbent who will find it both easy and fulfilling to help us become greater advocates for mission and support for all the benefice.

    Post Introduction

    Thank you for showing an interest in the role of Rector for the Weobley and Staunton Group of parishes. This is an exciting post in a vibrant and friendly benefice.

    If this is a role that excites you, we would very much like to hear from you and look forward to receiving your application. If you would like an informal conversation about any aspect of the post please do get in touch.

    About Weobley and Staunton

    Our Benefice is in fact two benefices held in plurality, the detail of which can be seen in the Group Benefice Profile. (There is a strong sense of cohesion in the group and we would like to to take steps to become a single benefice; this is seen more as a piece of administration which needs doing, rather than a major issue).

    Much is made of our rural environment in this profile – dispersed rural one might say – and we value it highly while working all the time to maximise our potential and outreach as one community rather than seven whenever we can. The population is about 2,500, half of whom live in Weobley. Weobley (pronounced Weblee) is a well-served, fast expanding village and although rightly celebrated as one of the county’s most lauded and visited ‘black & white villages’, new modern housing development is adding vibrancy to the village and a slightly younger demographic. 

    This we believe offers a positive opportunity for ‘our new rector’ to work with us to engage with a new audience for a well-established, traditional church. Much is spoken about Weobley in its parish profile but it is right to add that while the benefice is rural, it’s not isolated and the importance of Weobley, identified by Herefordshire Council as a key village for community expansion, is central to sustaining the cohesion of our group and we believe firmly in the informal doctrine of ‘growing together’.