Night Warden - St Peter's Shelter

    Affiliated Roles

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    Working hours: 8.45 pm to 9am. Wardens can usually get some sleep during the night provided that at all times there is one warden awake

    Also required: 8.45pm to 11pm

    Ideally wardens work one or two nights per week, but people offering less frequent duties will still be welcome. People able to work mid-week will be especially welcome.

    Place: St Peter’s Church House, Hereford, HR1 2PG

    Duties: Supervising clients in winter shelter. Three wardens on duty in the evening and two overnight.

    New wardens will be on duty with an experienced warden

    Attributes: Calmness and effectiveness in applying shelter rules. Some experience of working with people on the margins of society preferred

    DBS check required

    Pay: £25 for evening shift ad £100 for overnight shift

    For more details contact Andy Butterfill (01432 269163, 07866 704892,a.m.butterfill@gmail.com)

    General (Code of Conduct)

    The Winter Shelter is run by and is the responsibility of St Peter’s and St James’ Parochial Church Council. Wardens’ behaviour must be sympathetic to the faith basis of the shelter.

    Many of the clients using the shelter will have problems with substance abuse, antisocial behaviour and offending. Wardens are expected to model appropriate behaviour.

    Clients may need to be managed firmly and fairly, but they should be treated with respect. The consequences of a particular action (eg being excluded for being abusive to a warden) can be explained to them, and constructive comment on action that they should or should not take is appropriate, but general condemnation (eg ‘its all your fault anyway’) is not.

    Wardens must be familiar with the rules, policies and procedures of the shelter, and they must know how to access support (ambulance, police, on-call advice etc)

    Wardens must take reasonable care in the completing of client files, and the updating of records.

    All client information is confidential and must not be passed to a third party unless there is a pressing reason to do so. For example, any information regarding a client’s health should be given to ambulance staff attending the shelter.

    Wardens are expected to arrive in time to catch up with the events of the past few nights before the shelter opens, and to stay until the shelter closes in the morning. If this is not possible, or a warden is unable to work for any reason they must let Andy Butterfill know (01432 269163, 07866 704892) as soon as possible so that cover can be arranged.

    During the night one warden must be ready to deal with any events which occur. The other warden may rest or sleep if they are able to do so. Wardens will normally share the waking during the night.

    Wardens must co-ordinate their activities with those of the other wardens and volunteers.

    Wardens must inform a member of the steering committee (by telephone, text or e-mail etc) of any serious incidents or matters requiring urgent attention.