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    9 Sep 2019, noon
    30 Sep 2019

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    Funded through the National Resilient Heritage Lottery fund, the prime focus of this innovative church tourism-based project is to create sustainable and commercially viable activities that will give historic church buildings an opportunity to secure their financial sustainability and safeguard these important heritage buildings for the future. 

    This will be achieved through the development of quality tourism initiatives, creating new and enhancing existing visitor experiences. This will be achieved whilst ensuring the building retains its integrity as a place of worship. Virtuous Circles 2 recognises the need to focus not only on sustaining churches as heritage buildings but also the needs of visitors and the volunteers who will make this happen. 

    The project has two innovative business focused and fully co -dependent activities: 

    1. Church Tourism: capacity building and empowering initiative to encourage parishes and volunteers to develop a better understanding of how innovative engagement can maximize the tourism potential of church buildings. A key outcome will be a Church Tourism Handbook, as a national blue print, giving rural churches the guidance and resources required to realise positive tourism outcomes. 
    2. Virtuous Circles 2: working with the Churches Conservation Trust to install an accommodation pod for overnight stays in Turnastone Church. Develop plans for the installation of an environmentally sustainable holiday accommodation pod in a church building. Produce a Design and Business Development Guide to support others in pursuing similar proposals in their own buildings.