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Money, wealth and possessions, are the single biggest subjects of Jesus’ parables. Both Old & New Testaments are packed full of teaching on how we best use what God has given us. Yet, all too often, giving (and especially money) is something that isn’t the subject of preaching and teaching within churches. All the evidence shows, that regular, engaging and biblical teaching and preaching on all aspects of Christian giving and generosity, puts giving at the centre of what we mean when we say “we follow Jesus Christ”, and consequently, people give generously and passionately. Teaching and preaching are the foundations of any church, and this needs to be the starting point in your actions to encourage Christian giving.

Top tip

Remember, this is about giving, not getting; it’s about faith-raising, not fund-raising!

Something useful

Stewardship for Sundays: Preaching notes on the theme of ‘giving’, for the Revised Common Lectionary.


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Parish Resources www.parishresources.org.uk/giving/preaching

Giving in Grace www.givingingrace.org

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