We all need to make time to regularly review our finances; local church finances are just the same. It’s good practice to ask givers review their giving annually. Failure to do this, is the biggest single factor for churches who have struggled with aspects of giving and generosity. What seemed like healthy levels of giving just a few years ago, might no longer be nearly as healthy now. Inflation constantly erodes the real value of financial gifts. It’s also true that it’s far easier and better to encourage people to increase their giving ‘little and often’, than it is to take a ‘big leap’ very occasionally! We all want the very best for the life of our local church; and more importantly to honour God with our giving in the best way we can; but we’re all ‘creatures of habit’ and we all need a gentle reminder from time-to-time to pray, review and renew our offering.

Top tip

Use the Parish Giving Scheme - see the dedicated section at these webpages. It’s inflation busting and takes the stress out of giving!

Something useful

A Simple Giving Review Programme, ideal for smaller churches. Includes advice, tips and templates.


Your full toolkit

Parish Resources www.parishresources.org.uk/givingforlife/annualreview

Giving in Grace www.givingingrace.org/Annual-Review

Further support

Please contact the finance team