As a diocese we are committed to supporting leaders in local churches by offering high quality, up to date training and advice through regular events and surgeries. During 2017 & 2018 your Parish Giving Advisers will be working with colleagues from partner organisations, to offer a series of eight events, located across the Diocese, themed around the Eight-Point Giving for Life action plan, mirroring the themes of these Giving & Stewardship webpages. All events are free (unless otherwise stated) and are open to all involved in the leadership and life of the local church. Coming along to these events is the best way of keeping in touch with the latest news and resources to help your local church, and great way of learning from and supporting others who are engaged in similar work. Information on how to book will be made available with the details of each event, when advertised.


Encourage others to come along with you. It’s always more fun that way, and sharing transport reduces costs and helps protect the environment! If no one else is planning to attend from your local church, check with your neighbouring churches; it’s a great way to get to know each other better, to learn from each others experience, and to make new friends!

Something Useful

The Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers also offer regular training events especially for those involved in local church finance (there is usually a charge to this training) www.acat.uk.com/2017.html

Your Full Toolkit

Our new programme of 2017/18 events will be here to download shortly.

Clergy Study Day 6th November 2017 

View a copy of the presentation from Eleanor Stead, Parish Giving Scheme, given to the Diocesan Clergy Day

View a copy of the presentation from Daniel Jones, The Learning Curve, given to the Diocesan Clergy Day

View a copy of the presentation from Revd Steve Pierce, More than Money, given to the Diocesan Clergy day

Further Support

Please click here to contact Richard D Jones or Val Smith, our Parish Giving Advisers.