Statistics for Mission Returns

Statistics for Mission is very important to us as a diocese because it helps us to measure our progress over the next few years. The data you provide is used in many ways in both our diocese and nationally. Your statistics also form an essential foundation to discussions within synod about the future of our church.

98% of the returns were completed for 2018 so thank you for help in this part of the process. To reduce mailing costs, we are encouraging you to submit your statistics online. If you already have a username and password, this can be used again, if you require a reminder of your details or would like a new username and password, then please email Sarah Bassett on 01432 373301 or by email s.bassett@hereford.anglican.org

When using the Online Parish Return System http://parishreturns.churchofengland.org/ please do use the reporting tools included in the system to explore how your attendance and income/expenditure have shifted over the last few years. To help you to use this data in context the Research and Statistics team in the Archbishops’ Council have produced Parish Dashboards. These have been emailed out during November 2019 to PCC Secretaries and Churchwardens. Should you require a copy please contact Sarah Bassett, 01432 373301 or s.bassett@hereford.anglican.org.

The deadline for submitting the 2019 Statistics for Mission forms is 31st January 2020.

You can download a paper version of the form here: Click for PDF or Click for Word versions. We would encourage you to submit your data online. This year we will not be posting out the paper version unless the Churchwarden/PCC Secretary does not have an email address. If you require a hard copy posting please can you email s.bassett@hereford.anglican.org