Self-Supporting Ministry


Welcome to everyone working in this exciting and vital vocation

God is calling Self-Supporting Ministers (SSM) to new endeavours and empowering our work as his Church seeks to grow in new ways. SSM priesthood fulfills the Marks of Mission because it is already imaginative and varied, directly and indirectly promotes spiritual growth in those outside the church and serves the community in a huge variety of ways. Let’s tell out the story of the wonderful things God has done through us by his grace, share our strengths and go forward enthusiastically together.

SSM is a ministry the Diocese wants to encourage and support in every way possible. Click on the links on this page to take you to things which to support your ministry, make you smile and above all celebrate your calling!

Most of all, these pages need your contributions!

So send along those amazing ideas and experiences, big and small. Share resources and good practice. Inspire others to answer God’s call to this ministry of many colours.

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