Framework for Christian Learning: Sharing our Story

Anglicans are great at ‘walking the walk’ but we quake at the thought of ‘talking the talk’!   Over six sessions we will discover how to put words around our faith and what it means to each of us, personally.  This topic isn’t designed to make you the next great evangelist, but to strengthen your confidence when talking with friends and family about being a Christian.

Session topics:

  1. Facing our fear:   how the Samaritan Woman plucked up the courage to go home and tell
  2. When to keep quiet:   how Nicodemus used his discretion
  3. Come and see:   how Andrew persuaded his family
  4. What a load of nonsense!   How the women at the resurrection dealt with scepticism and disbelief
  5. Well isn’t this funny!   How the man born blind drew on his sense of humour
  6. The Gospel story:   MY story