School for Ministry

Something for everyone

The School for Ministry is a new name for the range of learning opportunities which the diocese offers to individuals and parish groups.  So there is support here for you whoever you are - for example:

  • a lay worship leader
  • a member of your benefice pastoral care team
  • a church warden
  • a Local Ministry Development Group, or other leadership/ministry team
  • someone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith
  • someone who wants to help others come to faith in Christ
  • a Messy Church leader/helper

Click here to find out more about these learning topics.

What if I want to go further?

Lay people who already have some experience of ministry but want to strengthen what they have to offer may find the Recognised Parish Ministries modules helpful – find out more at Recognised Parish Ministries.  

You can find out more about licensed ministries, Readership & ordination, at  Nationally-Recognised Licensed Ministries,

Those active in licensed ministry are able to access a range of support at Continuing Ministerial Development.   

A wealth of resources to help you in your learning can be borrowed from the diocesan resource centre in Ludlow.

To find out more about what the School for Ministry has to offer, contact:

Jacky Sewell
School for Ministry Support Officer
01584 871081

John Daniels
Local Ministry Officer
01584 871084