Safeguarding Training

The current national Church of England practice guidance on safeguarding learning and development is being renewed and updated. Changes and amendments are being made to the requirements and content of the face-to-face national training material. We are due to receive updated and renewed material in May June and will be scheduling new face to face safeguarding training from September onwards. Dates will be published on the diocesan website and in the monthly e-bulletin and you will receive further correspondence from both the Bishop and I/Mandy on the subject.

Parish or Benefice – C1 Foundation Training

The Church of England website provides the C1 Foundation training with an on-line versionwww.churchofengland.org This is often a better way for people at parish level to access this material. It is delivered in a stimulating way with a mix of styles to engage the person completing the training. When on the Church of England website, please go to Safeguarding/Training/E-learning (at present it only refers to C0 training but keep following the link and you will be able to access C1)/Visit the website and view the instructions/On-line Courses/Create new Account (if you need to).