Safeguarding Strategy and Action Plan

These are two in-depth documents setting out exactly what our Diocese needs to do to ensure all activities connected with the church are safe for both children and adults. The Hereford Diocese Safeguarding Strategy explains our strategic objectives. It is be refreshed and presented to Diocesan Synod on a yearly basis. The Hereford Diocese Safeguarding Action Plan details every element of safeguarding delivery and will serves as the blue print for all future activity. It will also provide an effective means by which to map our progress. All levels of the organisation including parishes are referred to in the Action Plan. It is updated on a bi-monthly basis. It is also be presented to Diocesan Synod on a yearly basis. Any queries in relation to either document please get in touch.

New Safeguarding Governance Structure

We have a Diocesan Safeguarding Working Group. This group’s membership consists of key personnel from within the Diocese and Cathedral; and both lay and Clergy Parish Representatives. We are seeking to gain wider representation from all the key Statutory Partnership Agencies and other relevant charities.

The Group meets quarterly and is led by an Independent Chair who has a background in Safeguarding at a senior level. The Group’s role is to take forward all work streams within the Diocesan Safeguarding Strategy and Action Plan.