Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training

National safeguarding policy dictates that the church ‘will train and equip church officers to have the confidence and skills they need to care and support children, young people and vulnerable adults and to recognise and respond to abuse.’

Attendance at Diocesan Safeguarding Training is mandatory for anyone performing certain roles connected with church activity.It is also a requirement to refresh training every three years. Details about what is required in relation to safeguarding training can be found within the new Parish Safeguarding Handbook and is detailed within the template for a parish safeguarding action plan.

In light of the present situation in trying to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, we will be postponing all safeguarding training, until further notice. You can complete the C0 - Basic and C1 - Foundation online, instructions are as below. 

Please email DBSAdmin@hereford.anglican.org for any queries.

Parish or Benefice C0 - Basic and C1 - Foundation Training

The Church of England website provides the C0 - Basic and C1 - Foundation training with an on-line version. To do this you can log on via https://safeguardingtraining.cofeportal.org/  This is often a better way for people at parish level to access this material. It is delivered in a stimulating way with a mix of styles to engage the person completing the training. When on the Church of England website, please go to - Safeguarding/Training/E-learning/Visit the website and view the instructions/On-line Courses you will need to register to create an account. Complete your personal details. In the Training Institution field select - ‘Not part of a Training Institution’. In the Diocese field select- ‘Hereford’. In the My Church field enter the name of your church. In the Church Role field enter the role you are undertaking. Read the site policy agreement and tick the ‘I understand and agree’ box.

Once you have completed the material you have the option of printing a certificate and will receive a notification to your email address that the course material has been completed.